The Movement For Indigenous Peoples' Day

Columbus Day What’s open what’s closed?	 	 	 			Statue of Christopher Columbus Harbor Park Middletown

Columbus Day What’s open what’s closed? Statue of Christopher Columbus Harbor Park Middletown

Michigan Technological University is also officially recognizing the day for the first time, although it has held Indigenous Peoples' Day events in past years.

After hearing from Native American parent and student advocates, the Buffalo Board of Education approved an official name change for Monday's holiday back in August.

"There is a lot of racism behind the day, because it's supposed to celebrate who founded America, and it focuses on one white man rather than the native people who found the land", said Marissa Finley, director of the Illinois Student Government. However, a permanent change would require congressional approval within 225 days.

It's a solution not everyone is happy about. He labeled Native Americans as "Indians", forced conversion to Christianity and carried new diseases that still have long-term effects on Native Americans.

The development comes in a year when at least five states and numerous cities and towns have joined a long list of localities that have already moved to formally recognize Indigenous Peoples' Day.

This comment is in response to the recent uproar about Columbus Day and its changing to Indigenous Peoples Day, at least in Maine. His colonization of the "new world" led to the bloodshed of Indigenous people and while he did arrive to the Americas, he never set foot in North America. Proponents for the new holiday argue that Columbus' legacy of violent conquest and the decimation of Native Americans is nothing to celebrate.

After the arrival of Columbus in the Americas, the population of indigenous peoples across the continents decreased by up to 90 percent.

I say no more Columbus Day. "This is an important step to restore dignity and honor the history of indigenous communities here", City Councilwoman Raquel Castañeda-López says in a news release. But I'm not sure everyone is really sure what that means.

Gov. Kim Reynolds issued a proclamation in 2018 declaring that the second Monday in October be acknowledged as "Indigenous Peoples' Day" in Iowa. These beliefs would be put into action by showing solidarity with the indigenous people attending Notre Dame.

"Our kids are lost", she said.

Florida, Alaska, South Dakota, Nevada, Minnesota and Vermont had all previously established holidays to acknowledge indigenous peoples in their jurisdictions on what formerly was Columbus Day. It's also about honoring Italian-American heritage as a whole.

"The best laid plans of mice and men are always going to be flawed in the eyes of certain people", she told WBFO.

The answer to that question is that we picked a bad guy to celebrate.

Through the observation of Indigenous Peoples' Day, citizens have the opportunity to recognize the rich heritage of Indigenous People. But she said she's still proud of her efforts, and that she's inspired to see Buffalo trying to find a compromise.

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