Questions intensify after Texas officer kills woman at home

Woman shot and killed by police officer in her own home

Questions intensify after Texas officer kills woman at home

The Fort Worth Police Officers Association issued a statement calling for "a thorough and transparent investigation".

Within minutes of the officers' arrival at Jefferson's home, she was dead.

Just before 2:30 a.m. October 12, the officer, whose name has not been released, responded to neighbor James Smith's call that the front door to Jefferson's home was open and the lights were on- something Smith found quite concerning.

The Fort Worth Police Department said in a statement that officers saw someone near a window inside the home and that one of them drew his duty weapon and fired after "perceiving a threat".

Jefferson died at 2:30 a.m. Saturday in the bedroom of her home, the Tarrant County medical examiner said.

We're hearing from the family of a Texas woman shot and killed inside her own home by police during a wellness check.

The bodycam video included blurred still frames showing a gun inside a bedroom. The room inside is lit. Instead, the cop walks to the side of the house, where he opens a gate to the backyard and uses a flashlight to search the exterior of the property.

"I called because I was concerned for my neighbors", Smith said."What I witnessed was three or four tactical officers come from around the corner seem like..." He does not identify himself as police. One shot is then fired through a window.

That's when the edited video footage provided by police stops.

Fort Worth police said they released the footage soon after the shooting to provide transparency, but that any "camera footage inside the residence" could not be distributed due to state law.

Jefferson's death has erupted in outrage across the nation after it was reported that a white police officer once again, killed a Black woman in their home. He has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. The police statement released Saturday said only that officers who entered the residence after the shooting found a firearm, and Lt. Brandon O'Neil would not answer reporters' questions Sunday on why police released images of the gun. "What the officer observed, and why he did not announce 'police, ' will be addressed as the investigation continues".

"My daughter was 28-year-old, had her whole life in front of her".

O'Neil said the officer, whose name has not been released, would meet with investigators from the Fort Worth Police Department on Monday about the shooting. It's unclear if the firearm was found near Jefferson, and police have not said that the officer who shot her thought she had a gun. He said representatives of the police department have spoken with the woman's family and "shared our serious and heartfelt concern for this unspeakable loss".

He said an independent law enforcement agency should take over the investigation.

In an audio recording of Smith's call that was released by police, the neighbor said it was "not normal" for the house to leave its front door open for hours at that time of day.

A family attorney, Lee Merritt, said Jefferson was playing video games with her eight-year-old nephew when she was killed.

She had moved into her ailing mother's home earlier this year to take care of her, the attorney said.

Atatiana's stepmother, Noella Jefferson, spoke lovingly about her step-daughter's character.

Atatiana's father, meanwhile, is heartbroken that his daughter - who was a pre-med graduate from Xavier University of Louisiana - had her life cut so short.

"She was very close to her family", Merritt said on a GoFundMe page benefiting Jefferson's family.

Merritt said the funds collected "will go directly to funeral cost and other expenses associated with this tragedy".

The shooting occurred in Fort Worth, about 30 miles (50 kilometres) west of Dallas, where another high-profile police shooting occurred a year ago. The officer in that case, Amber R. Guyger, was sentenced to 10 years in prison following a trial that ended earlier this month.

"I feel guilty because had I not called the Fort Worth Police Department, my neighbor would still be alive today", he told CNN affiliate KTVT.

"You know, you want to see justice, but justice don't bring my sister back", Carr said.

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