Dead Man's Final Prank Leaves Friends, Family Laughing

Man pre-records message to play at his funeral and leaves mourners in stitches

Dead Man's Final Prank Leaves Friends, Family Laughing

A video recorded on October 12 at the funeral of Irish military veteran Shay Bradley, a father of four and grandfather of eight, shows a crowd of mourners gathered in Bohernabreena Cemetery in southern Dublin to bury their loved one.

Those at the funeral were laughing and crying at the man's darkly humorous prank.

"Let me out, it's f****** dark in here". Numerous mourners can be seen laughing in video of the incident, which went viral after being posted to Reddit.

"Hello, hello - let me out!" Where the **** am I? "Is that the priest I can hear?" the recording continues, as the teary-eyed crowd roars with laughter. "I'm in the box". Soon, he was singing "Hello Again" by Neil Diamond.

So much so, his dying wish was to pull a prank on all of them at his own funeral. "I will love you forever".

She gave her consent and he brought a speaker along with him to the funeral.

"To make us all laugh when we were incredibly sad".

One Dublin man with a wickedly brilliant sense of humour, however, attempted to ease that pain by making his family and friends laugh at his funeral.

She "feels so proud and privileged to have been called his granddaughter".

She added: "Never a day went by he wasn't cracking a joke or have a smile on his face no matter the circumstances".

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