Putin doubts Turkey's ability to control terrorists in Syria

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Russian President Vladimir Putin warned yesterday that jailed Islamic State militants could escape as a result of Turkey's military operation in Syria, leading to the resurgence of the IS in the region.

Such buffer zones were guarded by Syrian Kurds but now "the Turkish army is moving in and the Kurds are abandoning those camps", creating the power vacuum.

Turkey launched the "Source of Peace" military operation in northeast Syria on October 9.

"I'm not sure if the Turkish army can rapidly get this under control", Putin said, speaking during a visit to Turkmenistan.

Referring to the data of the General Staff of Russia, Putin added that now in Syria there are "hundreds of militants". "If we talk about CIS countries, it is a real threat to us all". "Where will they go?"

He said that the CIS nations should "understand what things are like there and muster our intelligence resources to thwart this new threat".

"These will cover various areas, including agriculture, the railway sector, the fertilizer sector, the petrochemical sector and so on", RIA Novosti news agency quoted RDIF's Chief Executive Officer Kirill Dmitriev as saying.

The president said freed ISIS militants are "going to be escaping to Europe". The White House said Turkey would now take responsibility for the prisoners, though the process by which this would happen is unclear.

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