New Jersey Man Charged with Threatening Farmers Who Nixed His Animal Sex

Richard Decker

Richard Decker

A man in New Jersey has been jailed pending trial for attempting to solicit animals from local farms and stables to have sex with.

Decker even reportedly threatened to beat one farmer's wife with a wooden stick when he was denied permission to have intercourse with their animals.

Decker was arrested on October 3 and is charged with 22 offenses that encompass Second-stage possession of explosives, 2nd-stage possession of a negative utility to utilize unlawfully, fourth-stage procuring an animal in any roughly sexual manner or provoke any sexual behavior with an animal, fourth-stage threatening to commit aggravated assault and fourth-stage knowingly manufacturing firearms.

Police say 31-year-old Richard Decker sent messages to farmers in Sussex County asking for permission to have sex with their cows and horses.

Richard Decker allegedly asked to have sexual relationships with farm animals and then harassed and sabotaged farmers and property owners when they said no. Sussex County Sheriff's Office.

At one point, police say Decker placed homemade metal spikes in driveways to damage tires on farm vehicles.

A search of Decker's home is said to have yielded arrows, explosives, flash powder, and a manufactured firearm.

That was enough to convince a Superior Court judge in Newton to order that Decker remain held in the Morris County Correctional Facility until a scheduled November 4 hearing for a "pattern of unlawful conduct that presents a danger to the community". Under New Jersey's bail reform system, most criminal defendants are released without bail; those a judge determines the defendant poses a risk to the public or is a significant flight risk are held, also without an option for bail.

'He never had contact with anyone directly and the explosives were basically firecrackers, ' Decker's defense lawyer argued, according to the New Jersey Herald.

'They were stored in jars with no intent to use against anyone'.

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