McMaster: ‘Absolutely Not’ Appropriate for Trump to Solicit Foreign Interference

A reporter asked, "Is it appropriate for the president of the United States to solicit foreign interference in our political process?"

H.R. McMaster, President Donald Trump's former national security adviser, on Thursday chimed in on the Ukraine controversy, saying it was not appropriate for a president to seek aid from foreign governments for a USA election, Politico reports.

"No, it's absolutely not", McMaster replied.

The question of Trump's collaboration with foreign governments came amid the scandal that has engulfed the Trump administration in which the president sought assistance from President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine and openly invited the Chinese government to investigate Joe Biden and his son.

McMaster was not present in the White House during Trump's July phone call with Zelensky.

Just as importantly, the former White House national security adviser isn't impressed with his former boss' new policy in Syria, either.

McMaster resigned in 2018 and his successor was John Bolton, who also ended up getting ousted due to his disagreements with Trump.

"Our forces there served as a useful means of preventing what we see now, which is a Turkish-Kurdish civil war that has profound political as well as humanitarian consequences", McMaster said yesterday, characterizing the shift in USA policy as "unfortunate".

"It just didn't happen when I was there or in any conversation that I was privy to or part of, which I think was nearly all of the head of state calls and nearly all of the meetings", he said.

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