Samsung is reportedly working on a cheaper Galaxy Note 10 Lite smartphone

This patent might hint at the Galaxy S11's design

Samsung may be planning to release an affordable Galaxy Note 10 Lite

Recently we heard rumors of a more affordable, likely mid-range Samsung Galaxy Note 10 model, which for now we're calling the Galaxy Note 10 Lite. Samsung may take away the stylus, through that wouldn't be much of a Note.

Some users were understandably not very excited about the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus partially because of the high price and partially because the Note 10-series was playing catchup with innovation. Samsung has so many phones out that it's hard to figure out exactly who the Note 10 Lite would be aimed at that isn't now being served.

The source also doesn't specifically say that the Galaxy Note 10 Lite won't be available in other shades, just that it will be available in black and red.

Like the earlier SamMobile story, Agarwal and DroidShout do not mention either of these models coming to the USA market, only speaking about a launch in Asia and Europe.

The Galaxy Lite model, numbered SM-G770F, could either be a cheaper version of the current Galaxy S10 or of its 2020 successor, presumed to be called the Galaxy S11. If this is true, it will be the third Galaxy Note model this year after the Note 10 and Note 10+ were launched a couple of months earlier. The big question is what will make this device a significantly cheaper model.

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