Rival candidate pays Facebook to spread 'lie' Zuckerberg backs Trump

Elizabeth Warren trolls Facebook with 'false' Zuckerberg ad

Warren Calls Out Facebook’s New Policy Allowing Lies in Campaign Ads… by Pushing Lie About Facebook in Campaign Ad on Facebook

Elizabeth Warren and social media giant Facebook continued this week as Warren's campaign ran a series of Facebook ads falsely claiming that Mark Zuckerberg endorsed President Donald Trump for reelection.

Biden's campaign has written to both Twitter and Facebook asking for the ads to be taken down, but the platforms refused, according to technology site The Verge.

"Facebook holds incredible power to affect elections and our national debate", she said in another tweet.

The campaign then directly calls out Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for changing his company's ad policy, which has "given Donald Trump free rein to lie on his platform - and then to pay Facebook gobs of money to push out their lies to American voters".

The Trump campaign is now spending $1 million a *week* on ads including ones containing known lies-ads that TV stations refuse to air because they're false.

Democrats worry that such a policy will allow President Donald Trump to post false or misleading claims in Facebook advertisements without any outcome, allowing the wide reach of the platform to act as a conduit for disinformation ahead of the 2020 election.

According to Facebook's ad library, the first paid post went up Thursday and more than a dozen identical ones followed Friday, each garnering tens of thousands of impressions. "They've made a decision to let political figures lie to you-even about Facebook itself-while their executives and their investors get even richer off the ads containing these lies". Facebook just takes the cash, no questions asked.

Facebook issued a statement in response to the move, saying it will protect free speech.

Facebook also pointed to an FCC guideline requiring neutrality in hosting content.

Facebook's policy meant Trump's team have been able to share ads on the platform that allege former Vice President Joe Biden promised Ukraine $1 billion for firing a prosecutor.

Warren says her campaign created the intentionally false ad to test the company's platform and that it "got approved quickly".

"Our approach is grounded in Facebook's fundamental belief in free expression, respect for the democratic process, and the belief that, in mature democracies with a free press, political speech is already arguably the most scrutinized speech there is", wrote Katie Harbath, the company's head of global elections policy.

Despite the criticism, Facebook has doubled down on its political advertising policy. Conservatives have long railed against social media platforms for apparently showing greater scrutiny over their content and unnecessarily censoring certain information.

Warren appears to relish the fight with Facebook. A long-running argument by Democrats is that Russian Federation used Facebook to help Trump win the 2016 election.

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