Macdonald Bridge closed ahead of climate change protest

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Some determined activists glued themselves to the Department for Transport building in Westminster as police swept in, a tactic used during similar protests in the United Kingdom earlier this year and across the rest of the world since a fortnight of global action began on Monday.

Somebody refusing to pass will most certainly be arrested, they mentioned.

After receiving criticism for not doing enough to tackle protests on Monday, Scotland Yard began using its powers under public order legislation to restrict rallies.

"I'd rather be with my family".

"Don't forget we grew up in the country, we grew up on Exmoor, nature is in our blood".

"They said there was some risk that I would be egged".

Wednesday is the third day of action in a week-long bid to raise awareness of environmental issues.

"We are out of time, there is none left, we have to act now", said a protester called Benjamin. Now, as evidence of the climate crisis escalates, it is becoming the new norm.

Mike Gumn, 33, a National Health Service manager with two children, said he used a day of annual leave so he could attend the demonstration.

Building the terminal would "lock Ireland into dependence on imported fracked gas for the next 30 years, flooding the market with gas and pushing out the development of renewables", the group said.

"I want to do everything I can to ensure she has a future".

Extinction Rebellion protesters have slammed NSW Police over "harsh bail conditions" for activists who were arrested amid this week's disruptions.

On Monday, a large group of protestors, led by UK-founded Extinction Rebellion movement, occupied a section of Wall Street outside the New York Stock Exchange for the goal of disrupting people's "business as usual" days to draw attention to the climate crisis and the government's failing efforts to save the planet. We're actually very co-operative.

An Extinction Rebellion lorry, parked outside the Home Office, became a focal point for some activists who glued themselves underneath the vehicle while several hundred protesters spent Tuesday sat on either side of the police blockade at the building.

"We're here because we are deeply concerned for the situation of the planet and people", Cowen told CBS News.

It follows a letter from Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick after August's protests.

Thousands of climate-change protesters took to the streets in cities around the world on Monday, launching two weeks of peaceful civil disobedience to demand immediate action to cut carbon emissions and avert an ecological disaster.

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