Fortnite "Chapter 2" posted early on the Italian iOS store

Fortnite devs respond to Out of Time mission rewards glitch By Eli Becht

Fortnite devs respond to Out of Time mission rewards glitch By Eli Becht

The end is near, folks.

The only way to find out the truth for sure is to watch Fortnite's The End live event, which kicks off this Sunday at 7pm United Kingdom time. According to leaks, data-mined information, and some official teasers, the end of Season 10 will mark the end of the Fortnite map and the current Fortnite plot. That new piece of art showcases what appears to be a new map and the aforementioned name "Fortnite Chapter 2". Multiple reports indicate that Apple accidentally leaked Fortnite Chapter 2 and our first brief look at its new map to fight it.

Secondly, it's clear to see a couple of boats powering down the river, which obviously implies that Fortnite Chapter 2 will give players the opportunity to carry out their best battle royale maneuvers whilst traversing bodies of water. Moreover, Epic has dropped some not-so-subtle clues that the next season will involve a dramatic change.

We expected a few teasers ahead of the Fortnite Season 11 start date this weekend but didn't get anything until today. It's nothing major other than telling us that the end is near.

A large number of players have been asking Epic to release teasers for season 11, however, there's a good reason why Epic have released any.

A closer look at the leaked artwork also reveals that clouds may finally be coming to the game, even though that's not as big of a deal as something like a new island, of course. Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter. Are you excited for the new map or sad to say goodbye to the old one?

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