Federal judge rules against use of emergency funds to build border wall

U.S. Border Patrol Agents at Border Field State Park in Imperial Beach watch over personnel that are reinforcing the border wall with concertina wire

Federal judge deems Trump's use of emergency funds to build border wall unlawful

EL PASO, Tx. - Fernando García, Executive Director of The Border Network for Human Rights (BNHR) released a statement today regarding a decision by a Texas federal judge that will block President Trump's United States border wall.

Briones suggested lawyers for the plaintiffs to file proposed parameters within the subsequent 10 days specifying the scope of the injunction they're making an try to search out to levy in opposition to the wall.

A federal judge on Friday ruled that the president's national emergency declaration to build a border wall is unlawful.

El Paso County officials and a human rights group had sued, asking for the court to block the emergency declaration.

The decisions were the latest setbacks to the administration's broader attempt to tighten the legal immigration system at the same time the president is seeking to erect hundreds of miles of towering steel barriers along the Mexico border using billions of dollars diverted from military budgets. El Paso County authorities argued it would inflict harm to the local community's reputation by creating an impression the city is unsafe and unwelcoming.

"Specifically, El Paso County has shown an injury to its reputation and has had to take affirmative steps to avoid harm", Briones writes.

The judge notes that this ruling does not apply to the use of other funds for the wall, including counterdrug and Treasury Forfeiture Funds, that have been designated for wall construction.

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