Apple to launch new MacBook with scissor mechanism keyboard during H1 2020

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For those who have been heeding the news long adequate, there's a great opportunity that you've presumably learned of all the horrors that the keyboard on MacBook laptops are giving its users. It is also unclear whether the MacBook would be an upgrade over the now available MacBook Pro or part of a completely new lineup.

This keyboard, as Kuo previously said, will have a mechanism based on scissor switches and will be made of glass fiber. These features will allow the upcoming keyboard to address issues most consumers complain about, BGR noted. We'll be crossing our fingers that Kuo is correct so that we can soon say an unceremonious farewell to the troubled butterfly keyboard.

So, we look forward not only to the apparently imminent 16-inch MacBook Pro launch, but all future MacBook releases, with bated breath.

According to the latest article from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, he demands that come 2020, Apple will gain the full transformation to a scissor keyboard mechanism, leaving the butterfly mechanism formerly and for all.

Of course, it's widely expected that the rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro will lead this charge by dropping the...

"Kuo now predicts that Apple's refreshed MacBook models will arrive in the second quarter of 2020, suggesting they will feature the much-anticipated scissor mechanism keyboards that the company is adopting wholesale".

It has evolved to the position that even on a new MacBook, Apple has to ensure a fast turnaround on warranty keyboard improvements.

However, it quickly came to light that these new switches are more prone to failure due to dust and other particulate exposure, leading to keys that got stuck or simply didn't register presses.

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