Ted Cruz Hits NBA on China-Hong Kong Flap

Chinese authorities said a 25-year-old was arrested after posting an image of himself wearing a Rockets jersey and insulting the country's flag

Chinese authorities said a 25-year-old was arrested after posting an image of himself wearing a Rockets jersey and insulting the country's flag

The National Basketball Association continues to abase and disgrace itself (this was better, but still not almost sufficient), making clear that maintaining its lucrative gravy train to the huge Chinese market is more important than standing up for American values such as freedom of speech, small-'L' liberal institutions, and democracy. Ted Cruz, calling in from Taiwan, said Wednesday.

On Monday, Chinese censors erased, deleted and purged every clip, episode and online discussion of the show from the country's streaming services and social media outposts.

Wachs said he lived in Hong Kong for two years and supported the pro-democracy activists who've been protesting for months in Hong Kong.

The letter also called on the league to "reevaluate the NBA's training camp in Xinjiang, where up to a million Chinese citizens are held in concentration camps as part of a massive, government-run campaign of ethno-religious repression".

Luckin Coffee, the Shanghai-based beverage chain, said Tuesday that it would "suspend all cooperation", while smartphone maker Vivo said it condemned "the false remarks" made by Morey "as well as NBA's attitude indicating that it's indulging such behavior".

CNN reports on the turmoil in the NBA's relationship with China. Rockets players James Harden and Russell Westbrook apologized at a news conference, with Harden adding, "We love China, we love playing there".

The National Basketball Association (NBA) lost nearly all of its major Chinese sponsors in the country, the league's biggest market outside the USA, as the Chinese government flexes its economic muscle after a tweet backing Hong Kong's protesters triggered a backlash.

Chinese state media accused NBA Commissioner Adam Silver of "willing to be another handy tool for U.S. interference" after he insisted the league would not apologise for a tweet supporting pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. "It is inevitable that people around the world - including from America and China - will have different viewpoints over different issues".

In a statement announcing their decision to suspend plans to broadcast a series of National Basketball Association preseason games, China's state-owned broadcasting network CCTV said it is "strongly dissatisfied and opposed" to Silver's "claim to support Morey's free expression of rights". "It is not the role of the N.B.A.to adjudicate those differences", Silver said in a statement. Shortly afterward, CCTV sports channel and Tencent sports channel both announced they would suspend broadcasting Rockets' games.

"The hurt that this incident has caused will take a long time to fix", Tsai said in an open letter to fans in which he tried to shed light on the Chinese perspective when it comes to Hong Kong. And Chinese companies like apparel giant Li-Ning and Vivo, a smartphone maker that was going to be a sponsor of the Lakers-Nets games, have suspended their business dealings with the National Basketball Association. "We simply could not operate that way".

As far as we're concerned, you can keep your money and we'll take our ball and go home.

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