Roti Vs Chawal Divides Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss 13 Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma in a conversation during the Raani No. 1 task

Bigg Boss 13 Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma in a conversation during the Raani No. 1 task

Meanwhile Aarti Singh will try to talk to Siddharth Shukla, among many other things that will get insane in the house today.

The fight to become Rani no. 1 is in full swing and everyone seems to be pulling out their best card in to win. She did try to support him during the tasks and was also captured by the cameras talking in his favor. She said she didn't want to. After the last weekend episode, with Salman Khan and Hina Khan giving a drill to the celebrity contestants the celebrities finally took an understanding of what is happening in the house. Shefali, while screaming at Paras, tells him calmly that she told him to influence.

It has been nearly two years now since Bigg Boss viewers witnessed the love-hate drama between Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta. Later, actress Koena Mitra was seen supporting Rashami as she was quoted saying, "Who is he, what does he think of himself, He has zero integrity, and doesn't know how to talk, he clearly talks like a roadside man". Paras and Shehnaaz start avoiding each other. Sidharth over hears that and tells them off. Gill justifies she doesn't get loyalty, and says there was nothing, but it could have continued if he would have been loyal. Shehnaz tells Abu that Paras is breaking her heart and does not care about her. She suggests he should not lose temper often. She cries her heart out and contestants tells her that she deserves it. Shehnaz provokes Shukla and tells him about Rashami. Arti tells Siddharth that she values him like a friend and will always guide him. She then tells Chhabra that Gill is hurt. She says that she can not impress anyone or fake feelings for anyone. She says that Arti must be having issues with Devoleena. Koena tells her that they celebrated when she was nominated.

Housemates wake up to "Tumhi Ho Bandhu". Paras and Mahira dance with each other. Dey and Shefali indulge in conversation.

On the other hand, Sidharth was also seen being nice to Rashami and comfortably agreed to share the bed with her. Mahira tells Paras she is happy, and he agrees, saying he was in a wrong place.

Shehnaaz and Shukla want Aarti or Devoleena to become queen.

Paras gets the key and rescues Dalljiet. She also accuses Koena of changing sides when it comes to her selfish reasons. He says he'll call her next. Aarti tells Paras Koena isn't fair.

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