Oracle planning 'aggressive' push into the cloud, with 2000 new hires

Oracle to add 2000 jobs to expand cloud business to more regions

Oracle is currently trying to expand its cloud offerings worldwide

Oracle today announced plans to hire almost 2,000 employees worldwide to work on its growing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure business. The enterprise software giant said the new jobs will include positions in software development, cloud operations and business operations - key focus areas as the company ramps up its cloud push and positions its infrastructure for a fight in the cloud wars.

It's also shifting jobs internally toward cloud computing, JMP analyst Patrick Walravens notes.

By the time 2020 comes to a close, Oracle intends to have opened 20 more cloud regions - for a grand total of 36 regions globally - where it has data centers to allow customers to comply with any local data storage regulations.

In the past year, Oracle has opened 12 new Gen 2 Cloud regions and now operates 16 regions globally, the fastest expansion by any major cloud provider. Oracle had some 136,000 full-time staff added on May 31, of which 18,000 were employed in cloud services and license support operations.

The fiercely competitive market where big businesses pay a cloud provider to handle their computing and storage tasks instead of building out their own data centers is estimated by Gartner to be worth $38.9 billion in 2019.

Oracle is said to be reconfiguring its second generation cloud infrastructure so that Oracle's cloud software will run on the same cloud system it offers outside customers - a strategy used by rivals such as Amazon and Google.

Johnson added that they are driving this very, very aggressively. "We are very rapidly converting what's a complex footprint to be a very simple footprint: Everything everywhere runs on our generation two cloud infrastructure".

Aside from assisting infrastructure customers, Oracle has said the new employees will assist in new product rollouts, as well as expanding the geographical footprint of the cloud business.

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