News anchor interrupted by young son pulling her hair during live broadcast

Twitter/@ckubeNBC									NBC News Correspondent Courtney Kube

Twitter/@ckubeNBC NBC News Correspondent Courtney Kube

She called it a moment of "live television" before turning back to the camera and finishing the report.

News national security correspondent Courtney Kube was discussing Turkish airstrikes over northern Syria when her four-year-old son wandered up to her mid-broadcast.

"Excuse me, my kids are here", she said, before the broadcast cut to a map relating to the story.

But she soon took it in her stride and continued with her report despite her son pulling her hair to get her attention.

Hey, sometimes you just can't find a babysitter.

It wasn't the first time a parent had been interrupted by their kid while talking on live TV.

The clip, showing Ms Kube's son reaching up to her as she presented the news, is reminiscent of another viral moment in which Professor Robert Kelly's children came into the room as he was giving a BBC interview.

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