Mueller Was Seeking FBI Director Job When He Met with Trump in 2017

Report Durham Has Expanded His Investigation of Russia Probe Origins

Source AP

Talk about a conflict of interest.

The former special counsel for the Russian Federation investigation denied under oath during Congressional testimony over the summer that he was seeking the job at the time.

White House Officials confirmed to Fox News on Tuesday their stance that Robert Mueller lied under oath about pursuing an open post as a director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation when meeting with Trump in May of 2017. Thanks to now-revealed private conversations with then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Mueller "knew there was a real possibility he could be named special counsel if he wasn't chosen as the next Federal Bureau of Investigation director".

"The boss and his staff do not know about our discussions", Rosenstein wrote in an email to Mueller released after a request by Judicial Watch.

A former prosecutor who previously defended President Donald Trump's attorney general, William Barr, said on Wednesday that he was "flat-out wrong" and that he was "deeply disappointed".

A source close to Rosenstein confirmed to Fox News that he had confidential conversations with Mueller about whether he would be willing to serve in the event he needed to appoint a special counsel.

Since Attorney General William Barr appointed Durham to investigate the matter in May, he has expanded the probe's timeline from shortly before the 2016 election through President Donald Trump's inauguration to May 2017, when Mueller, a former Federal Bureau of Investigation director, was tapped by the Department of Justice to investigate Russian meddling in the election and whether the Trump campaign played a role in that.

Mueller did not find evidence to suggest Trump or his team conspired with the Russians to win the 2016 election. Mueller's probe kicked off a short time after James Comey was sacked as Federal Bureau of Investigation director.

"My understanding was I was not applying for the job", Mueller told congressmen on July 24 of this year. "I was asked to give my input on what it would take to do the job".

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