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What Awareness did WHO spread on World Mental Health Day?

Steps to take if you are suffering with your mental health

Morra Aarons-Mele, the founder of Women Online, a Communication Firm, writes in 'We Need to Talk More About Mental Health at Work' for HBR Ascend, "In the twenty-first century, human capital is the most valuable resource in our economy".

The message comes from Boiler Guide and its founder, David Holmes, following statistics reported by mental health charity, Mind, that 1 in 4 people in the United Kingdom will experience mental health problems during their working life.

Make sure that your employees are aware that conversations about mental health will be kept confidential and would only ever be shared with a limited number of people in extreme circumstances, e.g. if you were concerned that they meant to harm themselves.

Shropshire Council's director of public health Rachel Robinson said: "Good mental health is so important as it affects all aspects of a person's life including their physical health, their social connections, education, personal relations and employment opportunities to name a few".

It is important for employees to feel safe about opening up on their struggles with mental health without the fear of judgement or exclusion.

See Me highlighted six Scottish employers who are making a positive difference to tackle mental health discrimination.

Among Canadian respondents, the study also found a third (34 per cent) of those who've had one mental-health episode didn't seek out professional help, while a quarter (24 per cent) who had multiple mental-health episodes didn't seek out help either.

More than half (56 per cent) of all respondents and 55 per cent in Canada said they believe they'd be more productive at work if there were better supports within the workplace for mental-health issues.

He has since gone on to start his own men's peer support group to prevent suicides in Glasgow, and says being able to speak freely at work is key. "I feel I can open up more when talking with people". "Don't be afraid to reach out, don't ever be afraid you'll be judged or thought less of". A harmless comment like "She's acting bi-polar today" may be normal to others but would be harmful to someone struggling with a mental health issue.

"It all starts with eradicating the stigma".

Carol thinks the world of MVES and all that they have done for her. The event focused on reminding people to take care of themselves and encouraged self-care. It applies across a range of conditions, and to people across age ranges - children, young people, adults and older persons.

"There are a range of events planned across Adelaide this week, and I encourage everyone to get involved and take the opportunity to start a conversation with their friends and family about mental health".

"It is absolutely vital therefore that our staff feel confident that they are working in an emotionally healthy workplace where mental health is talked about openly".

"We don't want to push our services on people but we want people to know they can approach us", she said.

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