South Florida Jews gather at Coral Gables synagogue to observe Yom Kippur

Eurovision Shabbat dinner Dov Lasker an active member of the Modern Orthodox community in Tel Aviv

Tens of Thousands Worship at Western Wall Ahead of Yom Kippur

The shofar is one of the oldest musical horns in the world and has a special meaning in Judaism.

Tens of thousands of worshipers flocked to the Western Wall in Jerusalem on Monday night and Tuesday morning for penitential prayers ahead of Yom Kippur, which begins Tuesday evening.

Melania and I wish all Jewish people a blessed Yom Kippur.

"Today is the Jewish Holiday Yom Kippur", Edelman captioned the photo of himself.

Along Israel's Mediterranean shoreline, scores of ultra-Orthodox and religious Jews performed ceremonies called 'Tashlich, ' where people empty their pockets into a running source of water, symbolically casting their sins out to the sea.

The prayers are traditionally said in the days leading up to the High Holidays. "Yom Kippur translates to Day of Atonement".

This holiday is a time to ask for forgiveness and change for the better. Programs will resume after the end of Kippur.

After the service, friends and family go home for dinner to break their 25-hour fast.

Naperville News 17's Aysha Ashley Househ reports.

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