NASA's first all-female spacewalk could happen this month

In this image released Friday Oct. 4 2019 by NASA astronauts Christina Koch right and Jessica Meir pose on the International Space Station

The 1st All-Female Spacewalk Is Back On, After Medium-Size Spacesuits Acquired

The seven-hour spacewalk ended on another high note, at least for Koch.

The announcement comes nearly seven months after NASA scrapped its planned all-female spacewalk by Koch and Anne McClain because it did not have two properly fitted space suits, according to The New York Times. The two additionally repositioned battery moving apparatuses and relaxed the torque on jolts verifying two nickel-hydrogen batteries in anticipation of the following spacewalk.

The spacewalk did take place - it just wasn't all-female. The second medium was put together on board in June.

Koch and Morgan took turns holding each battery as they made their way, inchworm style, along the structure.

NASA tweeted on Friday of six upcoming spacewalks. But she noted that women are so integrated at all levels at NASA now that they don't tend to dwell on gender.

"The instrument wasn't created to be repaired in space, so unique tools had to be developed, unique procedures", McArthur said.

This unusual run of spacewalks will feature the first all-female spacewalk - by Koch and Jessica Meir - later this month. They're also both making their first spaceflights.

And that's not the only record, Koch is gearing up to have the longest single spaceflight by a woman.

The AMS, installed on the station on one of the final shuttle missions in 2011, has suffered the failure of all but one of the pumps in its cooling system, with that last working pump "showing the characteristic signature of failure", Shireman said.

Koch is once again scheduled to participate, this time accompanied by Jessica Meir as McClain returned to Earth on June 24.

Meir arrived at the International Space Station about 250 miles above the Earth aboard the Soyuz MS-15 spacecraft on September 25 with Russian cosmonaut Oleg Skripochka and Emirati astronaut Hazz Al Mansouri. You know, that sounds kind of trite-we say it all the time-but it really is true.

The astronauts were also able to accomplish get-ahead tasks, including the removal of an additional nickel-hydrogen battery, originally scheduled for the second spacewalk.

Expect more women spacewalking together on the horizon.

Koch will serve as the lead spacewalker for Sunday's excursion with Morgan, her United States male crewmate. Only one is two women.

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