Fight or Fright event

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

While there are no official patch notes, this update stands at roughly 1 to 2 GB in download size.

Respawn Entertainment has announced that battle royale shooter Apex Legends will be getting a halloween themed event known as Fight or Fright from next week, which will feature an all-new limited time game mode and more.

At the start of a match, you and 34 other solo players will drop into an eerily-lit Kings Canyon and fight to the death... with a dark twist. Thanks to the official Apex Legends website, we now know an bad lot about the limited-time collection event.

The Fight or Fright event begins on October 15 and should last until November 5. Unfortunately, neither developer or publisher has revealed the exact start and end times.

What is the Apex Legends Halloween event?

You'll find plenty to get on with during the Fight or Fright event.

There were a lot of teases for Crypto, the newest character in Apex Legends, and now that he's in the game, it looks like Respawn already have their eyes set on someone else. It will be... a little different from how you remember it, however. When you die in Shadowfall, however, you come back as a zombie as part of the "Shadow Squad". This takes away your weapons and legend abilities in exchange for a melee attack, faster movement, bigger jumps and the ability to scale walls.

The good news is we can probably expect a list of patch notes to be shared for PS4 and Xbox One gamers in the coming hours. Instead, they'll be respawned as an undead member of the "Shadow Squad".

Once the game comes down to the final 10 players, the remaining legends will need to join forces to board an evacuation ship while the army of the undead attempts to stop them.

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