Aventura ParkSquare: an all-in-one residential paradise

Aventura ParkSquare: an all-in-one residential paradise

Aventura ParkSquare: an all-in-one residential paradise

Set to the North of the booming cultural and entertainment center of the Miami-Dade County, Aventura, Aventura ParkSquare manages to incorporate the essence accents of the luxurious and the laid-back lifestyles that permeate this area. Following the all-you-need-in-one-place principle, this residential space boasts a lavishly landscaped territory that accommodates all the entertainment, leisure, and hobby facilities you will need all within a few steps from your beautifully finished residence.


With its development completed in 2018, the Aventura Park Square complex is located within a short scenic drive from the beautiful South Florida coast with its affluent Golden Beach community and the hottest entertainment destinations of Aventura, such as the world-famous Aventura Mall, Oleta River State Park, and, of course, the stunning Everglades.

What makes residences of Aventura Park Square some of the most desirable properties in Miami-Dade, South Florida?

A community within a community. The Aventura ParkSquare complex features 100,000 square feet of the top-of-the-line office space, over 50,000 square feet of retail and exquisite dining, and a 45,000-square-feet world-class health center. The lucky residents would not have to leave the luxurious premises to go about their daily routine, and they most likely would not even desire to do so.

Seamless design everywhere you go. From the elegant and innovative exterior to the immaculately planned inner spaces for both offices and residences, Aventura ParkSquare creates a unique understanding of the balance between luxury and comfort. Partnering with the internationally-acclaimed Zyscovich Architects whose previous projects included airport terminals for the exterior design and the award-winning Steven G. Interiors, Inc. for interior common areas design Aventura ParkSquare aims at immersing its residents and their guests in a unique atmosphere of quiet sophistication.

131 exquisite apartments. Each apartment is equipped with an expansive balcony and floor-to-ceiling windows. Residents can enjoy themselves taking in the astonishing city views from the lavish master bedrooms or stay in for a delightful home-cooked meal at the sumptuous open-plan kitchens with European-style cabinetry and premium stainless steel appliances.


High-quality amenities an elevator ride away.  The Aventura ParkSquare complex boasts an expansive but at the same time elegant amenity deck on the 5th floor of the residential building. The deck features a sunrise pool, trellis and chaise lounge seating. 

Whether you are looking for a residence in South Florida to enjoy impeccable weather, to look for business opportunities, or to retire with style and comfort, Aventura ParkSquare is a complex has something for everyone.



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