Aussie hiker with broken leg crawls for 2 days to safety

Bushwalker crawls for two days with fractured leg after falling down 6-metre waterfall at Mount Nebo

Bushwalker crawls for TWO DAYS after breaking leg when he fell six metres down a waterfall

Mr Parker then began his two-day crawl to a clearing hoping he would be seen by other walkers or a rescue helicopter.

The experienced hiker said the entire bottom half of his leg was hanging loose thanks to a "clean snap in half".

The Brisbane resident told reporters in a tearful news conference from his hospital bed that he fell on Sunday during what he expected would be a three-hour hike.

"What took me 40 minutes to walk up took me almost two days to crawl back down".

"I'd get about a meter, a meter-and-a-half, each time before I had to stop and take a break", he added.

"I think I have a very high [pain] tolerance, I had no issues with pain while I was crawling around, I didn't feel any discomfort or that while I was crawling but that could have just well and truly been adrenalin pumping". It's only 3km [2 miles] but [it took] two days to cover.

Parker, who lost his cell phone in the fall, reportedly used first aid supplies and painkillers he had packed to tend to his leg during the ordeal.

Neil Parker, 54, is recovering in a Brisbane hospital after he was rescued by a search helicopter crew on Tuesday from Mount Nebo on the city's outskirts. He is now being treated at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane and faces at least eight weeks of recovery.

Orthopaedic surgeon Nicola Ward told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that Mr Parker was doing "extremely well".

"Essentially, with an ankle fracture like he's got, the limb is a deadweight and useless, you can't walk on it, you can't put weight through it and you need to drag it and similarly with the wrist".

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