Screenshot issue in Lenovo PCs running Windows 10 1903 is now fixed

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While the support page for the update resolutely states (at time of writing) that "Microsoft is not now aware of any issues with this update", the company's handy health page for Windows 10 did receive a quiet update on 11 September to indicate that it had acknowledged the issue and was looking into the problem.

Let's weave our way through this one.

"For guidance on this issue, see the Lenovo support article Screenshots and Snips have an unnatural orange tint".

The patch, KB4515384, was released on Tuesday, September 10, and while it seems to have stopped SearchUI.exe from causing undue stress on processors, it appears that it has broken search in Windows 10 completely. The issue was first reported on September 5 and after nearly a week, Lenovo has finally provided a way to fix the screenshot issue.

A more detailed view of the bug is available on the page listing issues that were fixed in September 2019.

Now, the Eye Care mode feature in the Lenovo Vantage app is causing the issue, according to Lenovo.

According to the Lenovo Vantage Knowledge Base, disabling the Eye Care mode and resetting the color temperature in the Lenovo Vantage software is enough to remove the odd orange tint from snips and screenshots.

Microsoft has received reports that some users are having issues related to the Start menu and Windows Desktop Search.

But that page references a Lenovo support site that concludes this issue for good. Then click on the Reset button for "Daytime Color Temperature", turn off Eye Care Mode, and uncheck the box about "Schedule eye care mode".

So. The resolution is for users to manually reverse their usage of a Lenovo feature?

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