‘They have the wrong guy’: Browns fan banned from FirstEnergy Stadium says

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Smith says he was with his family in the morning and DJ'ing a wedding Sunday afternoon during game time.

Drink it in: The Browns may have just punished the wrong fan in the aftermath of Sunday's beer toss. "Justice was served and it was served swiftly", he said.

The Browns said in a statement on Tuesday that they were working to identify the fan and that he would face an indefinite ban from FirstEnergy Stadium.

The problem here is that Smith not only denies being the beer-dumper, but he denies even being at the game to begin with.

This was shocking news to Smith, he says, for a couple of reasons. According to the alleged culprit, he hasn't been to a Browns game in almost 10 years.

That seems highly unlikely if Smith was not at the stadium and instead DJing at a wedding, like he claims. "He said I was being hard, like why are you being hard if you're innocent?"

Smith received a call Wednesday from Bob Sivik, the Browns' vice president of ticket sales and service, banning him from the stadium. According to Sivik, Smith had been caught on multiple cameras around the stadium, the team had matched his tattoos and they confirmed he had bought a ticket to the opener. Given the incident occurred in the latter half of that afternoon's game, there's a very good chance Smith was already at the venue while his alleged doppelgänger dumped beer on a professional football player.

Nevermind that Eric Smith is an incredibly common name, or that Eric looks like a million other bearded red-headed men in Cleveland, or that he didn't buy a ticket, or that HE WASN'T AT THE GAME.

We've reached out to the Browns for a response and will update you if we hear back.

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