Tesla claims one track record, plans to go for another

Tesla P for Pickup concept

Tesla P for Pickup concept

It'll be interesting to see whether the Model S used for the record lap was completely stock in order to fully qualify for the title of the fastest production four-door auto or it went through some changes to shave off a few seconds from the lap time. That said, Tesla-and Elon Musk in particular-really need to stop making random promises with the latest concerning a supposed Nurburgring Record Lap. There's also the chance of them trying to set a lap time on September 18, but according to the report, that session is probably not a private one. Musk tweeted on Wednesday that the sedan set the fastest time for a four-door around California's Laguna Seca.

While the world waits for Tesla to send its Model S around the Nürburgring on a record attempt, the electric sedan could potentially have already set a new lap record at another prestigious, albeit much shorter, racing circuit.

As for the Model S spied hanging out around the Nurburgring with a number of non-production modifications, including Michelin Cup 2 tires, a lowered stance, and some slight body modifications, the company is still more than welcome to run during the times when the Nordschielfe is open to tourists.

Elon Musk says a video will be released shortly when we'll hopefully get to find out the lap time and also who was behind the wheel of the auto.

He also gave an update on the Nurburgring effort, saying a vehicle is being tested and tuned, but won't go for a lap time this week.

However, Road and Track reports that someone booked a surprise 30-minute private session at the track on september 21, suggesting Tesla or another automaker could be planning a record run.

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