System Shock 3's Shodan comes to life in new pre-alpha trailer

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Here’s some new pre-alpha footage of System Shock 3

There was some worry in the progress of the title, as the original publisher, Starbreeze was in financial troubles when we covered System Shock 3 during GDC.

Completely separate from the System Shock remake, System Shock 3 is a full-blown continuation to the series that left off on PC back in the mid 2000s with System Shock 2.

One of the stand-out things in the System Shock 3 footage is that SHODAN appears to be motion-capture animated, which looks impressive and is a big change over the original System Shock games.

Those unfamiliar might be tricked into thinking this is actually a Dead Space game at first glance thanks to the uniquely morbid enemy designs that crop up throughout the trailer. I don't want a game like System Shock 3 being watered down for consoles. okay, OtherSide?

Working quickly, players will need to make use of the weapons they come across and make decisive choices on what directions to take in the unknown station in System Shock 3. Both methods look to be supported, so expect tons of player freedom when it comes to combat and exploration.

20! since we had our trousers scared off by Shodan - the evil rogue AI from System Shock.

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