Project Resistance is 4v1 multiplayer built in the RE Engine

Project Resistance xbox one

Resident Evil's Project Resistance Official Trailer - TGS 2019

On the other hand, if you're a sadistic chap who delights in the suffering of others you can drop into the game as Mastermind, the controller of the facility who'll menacingly drop zombie hazards in the way of players in an attempt to brutally murder the faces off of the victims I mean players inside.

In each four-versus-one match, one Mastermind player tracks the four Survivors through a network of security cameras, staying one step ahead at every turn to prevent their escape. In addition, Mastermind players can even step into the trench coat of the towering, deadly Tyrant for the first time in franchise history.

Capcom has developed the new RE game in partnership with NeoBards Entertainment, who worked on the recent Onimusha Warlords re-release.

Each Survivor will have their own unique skill to help their team get the best of the Mastermind and escape from the twisted experiment.

Project Resistance Umbrella door
Resident Evil spin-off Project Resistance gets its first gameplay overview trailer

It has been built using the RE Engine that was used to also make this year's Resident Evil 2 Remake and Devil May Cry 5.

Capcom's been raining down hype for its Resident Evil-themed multiplayer spin-off Project Resistance, but it doesn't look like you'll need an Umbrella. While the forecast was uncertain when the Japanese publisher teased the title earlier in the month, its Tokyo Game Show 2019 blowout is sure to (out) break a few hearts - namely because it's not a third instalment in the cult Outbreak sub-series. The closed beta will run from October 4 through October 7.

Project Resistance is in development for the PS4, Xbox One and Steam.

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