Passengers Describe Harrowing Moments After Swoop Flight Strikes Geese, Catches Fire

A Swoop airline Boeing 737

Boeing 737

The pilot of the Boeing 737 was forced to declare an emergency and turn the jet back towards Abbotsford.

"We hit bumps - it felt like speed bumps", one of the passengers, Bruce Mason, told CTV News. "The lights would come off and on".

"It was very overwhelming, you don't expect it", the man said.

A spokesperson for Swoop said that the aircraft is undergoing repairs and is expected to return to service on Wednesday evening. I began texting my mother saying "Something's wrong with the airplane".

Passenger Donna-Lee Rayner, too, reported on Facebook that there was "smoke in the cabin and the smell of burning", prompting her to also "start my goodbye messages in case my phone [was] recovered after we crash".

She wrote: "Board the plane all is well". Take off happens and all of the sudden this loud thud thud thud thud happens. smoke in the cabin and the smell of burning.

'I'm surprisingly calm but yet curios [sic]. The intercom comes on ...

In an interview with Narcity, the passenger said all were in a panic when a voice on the intercom said, "one of the engines sucked up some geese and the smell was them, well, getting cooked, we are now down one engine so we are turning around back to Abbotsford".

The plane after it returned to Abbotsford airport.

The plane engine then caught fire, with a video capturing the flames shooting from the side of the plane. I assume now that it was the plane backfiring.

"I'm glad everyone is safe, it was disgusting to watch and I just wanted the jet to make it back to the airport".

According to the airline, Flight 312 landed safely in Abbotsford after striking birds shortly after its takeoff.

In a tweet, it thanked the captain and crew for ensuring the safety of everyone on the flight.

Though reps for the carrier were not immediately available to offer further comment, a statement from Swoop obtained by CBC detailed that airline staffers were working to coordinate new travel options for passengers affected by the bird strike and early landing.

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