'Outraged' Ancelotti blasts Napoli council over botched stadium works

Outraged Ancelotti blasts council over Napoli stadium works

'Outraged' Ancelotti blasts Napoli council over botched stadium works

Napoli boss Carlo Ancelotti said he is "shocked" his club's dressing room at San Paolo remains an unfinished construction site days before their first home matches of the season against Sampdoria and Liverpool.

"I saw the conditions of the San Paolo dressing rooms". There are no words.

The Italians played their first two Serie A games away as the renovation work continued but Ancelotti is furious at the slow pace of the work.

"You can build a house in two months and they were unable to refurbish the dressing rooms!" Where are we supposed to change for the games against Sampdoria and Liverpool?'

The planned redevelopment works included big screen displays, upgraded lights and a new surveillance system, as well as new changing rooms.

"I am outraged by the incorrectness and inadequacy of those who had to carry out these jobs", the three-time Champions League-winning coach added.

"How could the region, municipality and commissioners fail to respect the commitments that were made?"

"I believe that in the city of Naples we live with great envy of teams from the north - there are a lot of Juventus, Inter and Milan fans", De Laurentiis said. As planned, on Friday morning we will hand the stadium back to the Naples Council in ideal condition, perfectly functional.

In quotes reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport, architect Filomena Smiraglia said: "I am baffled by the statement by Ancelotti".

She told CalcioNapoli24: 'We are stunned by Ancelotti's vicious tackle, especially as today we visited the dressing rooms with Vice-President Edoardo De Laurentiis, who complimented us on the work done.

Contractor Carlo Perego, whose company Tipiesse carried out the work, said they were in fact "ahead of schedule".

Napoli have played in the San Paolo since 1959 and the stadium recently underwent a remodel to host the Summer Universiade games in July.

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