Governor Cooper Responds to NC House Republicans Override Vote on Budget Veto

North Carolina Budget

BREAKING: NC House overrides budget veto in surprise vote (Updated)

Republicans dominating a almost half-empty North Carolina House chamber voted on Wednesday to override Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper's veto of the state's two-year budget. The unexpected vote on Wednesday morning came as dozens of Democrats weren't on the House floor. Republicans leaders have been trying for over two months to locate enough votes to meet the threshold for an override, largely through winning over enough Democrats.

"Having served as Speaker of the House, I understand the challenge in setting your personal agenda aside in order to address the people's agenda".

Republican lawmakers voted to override the governor's budget veto Wednesday.

"Today's veto override may have passed the bare minimum in House rules; it hardly passes the ethical rules of good government. This level of political deceit may have been limited to the House - but it reflects poorly on all of us". Cooper said "this was a lie".

There was screaming and outrage from those few Democrats after the vote.

The budget will now go on to the Senate.

Cooper urged Senate Democrats to stay united and uphold his veto.

The House has 120 members, but many Democratic representatives were reportedly absent at the time of the vote.

Republicans dominating a half-empty North Carolina House chamber have voted to override Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper's veto of the state's two-year budget. But the same result occurred because Democrats opposed to the budget weren't at their seats.

The vote now heads to the senate.

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