Cyclist runs red light then headbutts the pedestrian he almost hit

Street attack The victim has a close shave with cyclist and then the suspect headbutts the man and pushes him to the ground before riding off

Cyclist runs red light then headbutts the pedestrian he nearly hit by Metro Reporter Published

THE hunt is on for a cyclist who headbutted a pedestrian to the floor after almost knocking him down while riding through a red light.

Police are searching for the cyclist, and although they don't know who he is yet, the video provides a good look at him.

After almost smacking into the businessman, the cyclist pulls up and dismounts his bike before swiftly walking back and delivering him a powerful head-butt.

One thing you don't expect when crossing the street is to be head-butted by an angry cyclist, but that's exactly what happened last month.

London police is hunting for a cyclist, who, in a moment of rage, head-butted a pedestrian to the ground, leaving the 57-year-old victim with a wound above his eye and ligament damage in his arm.

City of London Police released the clip of the August 22 attack yesterday in the hope of finding the suspect whose "needlessly violent actions left some nasty injuries".

He was described as a white man in his 40s, about 178 centimetres tall, with a medium build and short greying hair.

United Kingdom residents can provide information to police by calling 020 7601 2115 and quoting reference 19*446160, or to Crimestoppers anonymously via their website or on 0800 555 111.

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