Corbyn commits to second Brexit vote if Labour Party wins general election

Jeremy Corbyn draws battle lines for a future election in fiery speech

Sir Keir Starmer: Labour is united, we want a referendum

The Dudley North Member of Parliament, now sitting down as an impartial soon after he resigned the Labour whip in February in excess of increasing antisemitism in the bash and Jeremy Corbyn's detrimental attitude in the direction of the 2016 Brexit referendum, spoke out in an emergency discussion on the rule of law Monday evening.

Last week, Mr Johnson said he would "rather be dead in a ditch" than agree to extend Brexit and vowed not to go back to Brussels to request a delay.

"I think Tom Watson's intervention is irresponsible and not what Labour communities need", he told BBC's Newsnight.

The Labour leader said he did not accept his deputy's view that the party should push for a second referendum and campaign for Remain.

Speaking in Brighton, Corbyn said: "Congress, the coming general election will be a chance for a real change of direction".

Before it was suspended on Tuesday, the House of Commons rushed through legislation to force Johnson to delay Brexit if there is no deal by an European Union summit on October 17.

The Deputy Leader - who has often been a thorn in Corbyn's side - contradicted the policy carefully set out by Jeremy Corbyn yesterday and called for a referendum before a general election as the only way to "break the Brexit deadlock".

"Elections should never be single issue campaigns", he will say, suggesting vital issues such as the future of the NHS, economic inequality and crime will be "drowned out" by Prime Minister Boris Johnson's "do or die" Brexit message.

"We can't ask people to vote to renegotiate then might ask the public to vote that down", he tweeted.

The Brexit Party topped the polls in May's European Parliament elections, six months after being launched.

The Brexit Party leader has said he is ready for a general election which could be held as early as mid-November.

It is not clear how Watson expects parliament as it is now constituted to make a definite decision on Brexit, when the set of MPs now sitting have only shown an ability to delay and block various routes - from leaving with Theresa May's deal to exiting without a deal.

Johnson, who took office on July 24 to replace Theresa May, promises to carry out Brexit on the agreed date, with no excuses.

Mr Watson is now at loggerheads with most of the Shadow Cabinet.

"If we did it we could win, whereas if we don't I fear we won't".

"Better wages, greater security and more say". Corbyn insisted that any referendum must include a "credible leave option", negotiated by Labour to leave the door open for Brexit voters to support Labour too.

Bridgen said he had voted against the government many times as a backbencher, including three times against May's deal, but drew a distinction between his disloyalty and that of his 21 recently-ousted colleagues: "I voted against specific policies".

Whether it is or isn't, the labour movement mobilisation against Boris Johnson's government should build throughout September and aim at a huge demonstration for democracy outside the Conservative Party conference, focused on forcing an election to address the catastrophic social, economic and environmental crises afflicting our country and the world.

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