Control DLC Announced With Alan Wake Crossover Tease


Control is getting 2 expansions, teases Alan Wake connection

Control developer Remedy has unveiled the roadmap for some of the free, and paid content coming to the game over the next several months. The creators of Quantum Break, Alan Wake and the Max Payne series will be expanding the content of Control with a free DLC and two expansions. Coming first, in Fall 2019, is a Photo Mode, followed by the Expeditions game mode in December. Both will offer new storylines, teams, enemies, and game mechanics. If the similarities that journalist and Numbskull PR guy Ryan Brown has pointed out have any validity, we might even be seeing a return of Alan Wake. For players who have already purchased the main game for PS4, the Season Pass is now available for pre-order, and also includes both expansions (upon release). Most importantly, we now know that Control is about to get two full expansions next year. This mode will involve "some of the greatest challenges" in the game, and will demand the best gear and abilities.

It appears that the second expansion for Control, AWE, may tie into Remedy's other franchise Alan Wake. The first DLC pack, "The Foundation", will release in early 2020 and will delve into the history behind the "Oldest House". Don't forget to check out our review to read our thoughts about the game. AWE heads over to the Investigations Sector, where the Bureau examines Altered World Events. "Expect things to get weird", teases the blog post. As evidenced from the content roadmap above, the top half of the artwork for AWE is a faithful recreation of the iconic flashlight key art for Alan Wake, a cult-classic horror adventure which many speculate takes place in the same universe as Control. If you have the regular version of the game, but you're interested in the expansions, the Season Pass is up for preorders in the PlayStation Store now.

Control details post-launch content schedule

If you haven't picked up a copy of Control yet, you can now grab it on sale for PS4 and Xbox One.

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