Weaker job market expected in 4Q: ManpowerGroup survey

A Manpower Group survey of over 1,900 employers across Canada reveals that 15 per cent of employers plan to increase their staffing levels in the fourth quarter of 2019 while six per cent anticipate cutbacks

Singapore job-seekers face weaker hiring prospects in Q4: Survey

When compared with the previous quarter, employers in 15 out of 44 countries and territories report stronger hiring prospects, while employers in 23 countries report weaker hiring plans which also include six anticipating "no change".

Employers expect to increase payrolls in all three organisation sized categories during the forthcoming quarter.

"Having a workforce strategy that attracts and retains critical talent and develops new skills will be a key priority across all organisations as industries continue to transform in the months and years ahead", Prising said.

With seasonal variations removed from the data, the Net Employment Outlook of +12% is unchanged compared to the previous quarter and is relatively stable compared with a decrease of one percentage point compared to the Outlook reported during the same time past year. It further stated that "hiring opportunities were moderately good in mining, manufacturing, construction, utilities and transportation with an outlook between +11-16%". This was according to a survey by ManpowerGroup Singapore, which asked participants how they thought total employment at their workplaces will change in the three months of the year compared to the current quarter. The UK is the only major EMEA economy to predict a year-over-year hiring increase across the Financial & Business Services sector, despite suggestions of financial services firms contemplating relocation after Brexit. The strongest labour market is expected in the east, where net employment outlook stood at 38 per cent.

US employers (+20%) report the region's most confident forecasts for Q4.

Positive workforce gains are expected in the next quarter for five of the seven sectors covered in the survey; led by the public administration and education sector, where the outlook is +19 per cent.

Singapore job-seekers face weaker hiring prospects in Q4: Survey
India’s hiring sentiment fourth strongest: Manpower

The weakest hiring activity was reported in Spain (0 per cent), the Czech Republic (2 per cent), Argentina (3 per cent), Costa Rica (3 per cent), and Switzerland (3 per cent).

The fourth-quarter figure is below the +11 per cent outlook that employers had stated for the current third quarter, as well as the +12 per cent outlook for the fourth quarter of a year ago.

On the other hand, medium employers - those with 50 to 249 staff - had the strongest hiring intentions with an outlook of +9 per cent, more so than small (+4 per cent) and micro (+1 per cent) businesses.

Employers in Japan report the region's most confident hiring intentions (+26%), at a time when the tight labor market continues to boost hiring demand.

Sector-wise comparisons Employers anticipate payroll gains in all seven industry sectors during the Q4 2019.

China's hiring Outlook of +4% marked a four-percentage-point decline on Q3 and a three-percentage-point decline year-over year. The next survey will be released 10 December 2019 and will report hiring expectations for Q1 2020.

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