Warren On The Rise, Americans Lukewarm On Democrats And Trump, Poll Finds

New Poll: Sanders, Warren Surging While Biden, Harris Slip

Elizabeth Warren energizes New Hampshire Dems, as Bernie Sanders looks on

"When you look at the national electorate", Miringoff said, "there's still a lot of work to be done on the part of Democrats to start attracting a positive reaction". "When someone is capable of that, it means they can do it again".

Biden, Warren and Sanders all devote part of their platforms to aiding the nation's strained corps of public defenders, while Harris has proposed her own $250 million grant program created to improve working conditions for lawyers who help those who can't afford representation on their own. The California senator is well-liked by voters and has a formidable on-the-ground operation in the early voting states.

Much like Sanders energized the progressive voter base in 2016 with his anti-establishment facade, Warren is seeing New Hampshire Democrats gravitate towards her professorial demeanor and policy platform in 2019.

But she's facing some tough headwinds. More fundamentally, her rationale for seeking the presidency seems unfocused. "And we can not ask other people to vote for someone we don't believe in", she said. His overall approval rating is low (41%), a near-record number of people "strongly disapprove" of the job he's doing (45%), a record number disapprove of his handling of foreign policy (56%) and a majority say they will "definitely" vote against him in 2020 (52%).

A central challenge for Harris in the months ahead will be to offer a compelling - and succinct - reason she should be elected.

The din made by the Warren faithful even made Sanders, who is known to keep his eye on crowd sizes, repeatedly turned away from an interview with a local newspaper reporter to check on the performance by his friend and Democratic opponent. Mark my words: If Joe Biden is the Democratic candidate, he will lose terribly to Trump.

How the candidates fair with a general-election audience could be critical, as Democrats are increasingly saying beating Trump is more important than whether a candidate shares their position on most issues.

She has, at times, described herself as a "joyful warrior", and argues that she is uniquely qualified to "prosecute the case" against President Donald Trump, telling voters that "dude gotta go". Kamala Harris, respectively. The three-hour affair kicks off at 8 pm ET (5 pm PT) on Thursday evening live on ABC. Elizabeth Warren will be center-stage, flanked by Sen. Twenty-nine percent of people who were backing Harris in July have switched to the Massachusetts Democrat. "I'm still introducing myself to people". Further complicating that process is the fact that Harris' sister - campaign chairwoman Maya Harris - is frequently on the road with the candidate, putting distance between her and other advisers. Back then more than half of Democrats were either unsure or never heard of her. A five-day bus trip around the Iowa state fair was well-received, but Harris hasn't been back to the state in almost a month.

This is reportedly the first time the campaigns have gotten this warning. But she was behind her male counterparts in Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada.

Warren, the progressive MA senator, has been just behind Sanders for much of 2019, but has surged ahead of the Vermont senator in a number of recent national surveys, as well as the latest poll of New Hampshire voters.

"Unless the calendar changes, she still has a legitimate chance", Sellers said, suggesting that Biden's hold on the lead was fragile.

Warren, Buttigieg and Sanders "have not proven that they can win legitimate swaths of black support", he added.

Joe Biden is not the man! Joe Biden has not won a primary state, ever.

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