UK Commons Speaker John Bercow resigns as Parliament suspended

ReutersJohn Bercow

ReutersJohn Bercow

He was also praised by Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament's Brexit coordinator, who tweeted that he was a "driven Speaker and gifted orator but above all the keeper of the great British parliamentary tradition".

"To deploy a perhaps risky phrase, I have also sought to be "the backbencher's backstop".

Allies of the Prime Minister said he would rip up the convention that Commons Speakers are automatically elevated to the upper chamber when they resign, in the same way Mr Bercow repeatedly ignored parliamentary precedent when dealing with Brexit.

That legislation became law on Monday afternoon when Queen Elizabeth II gave it royal assent.

A video grab from footage broadcast by the UK Parliament's Parliamentary Recording Unit (PRU) shows Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow announcing to MP's that he would step down from his role on 9 September 2019 in London.

He paid tribute to his staff, to parliamentarians and to his family.

It was backed by 311 votes to 302, after Mr Grieve told MPs it was "entirely reasonable" to ask for the disclosure "so the House can understand the risks involved and this can be communicated more widely to the public".

"We degrade this parliament at our peril", he said, with his gaze fixed on the benches in the debating chamber where government members sit.

"I want to, on behalf of myself as an individual and on the behalf of the Conservative Party, to say thank you". "You've reached out to people across the whole country", Corbyn noted. Several MPs were also involved in an altercation near the Speaker's chair as they attempted to prevent him leaving his seat and attending the House of Lords, the next step in the formalities required for the suspension of Parliament, the BBC reported. Our democracy is the stronger for your being the speaker.

Previous to being the Commons Speaker John Bercow was a member of the Conservative Occasion.

"The relationship between the Parliament and the public is very hard at the moment and I think a really confident, positive voice, speaking about the importance of Parliament with the public, is necessary at this time".

"Since the Brexit circus, with all its epic glory, rolled into town, Bercow has become something of an global celebrity", he said. I require no response from you young man.

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