Trump’s approval rating sinks amid worry over economy, poll finds

Trump loses support as 6 in 10 Americans say recession is likely next year: poll

CNN analyst says one number in new poll should 'send a chill down the spine' of Trump's 2020 campaign

The Post and ABC put out new polling data which shows Trump down 6 points from his approval numbers in July and 5 points down on his handling of the economy.

The approval rating for the president in relation to the economy also dipped down below half to 48 percent, while his approval for other policies sank below the 40s.

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll, released Tuesday, shows Trump's approval rating at 38 percent among Americans, with 56 percent disapproving of his performance in the Oval Office.

Compared to CNN/SSRS' last poll, Trump's approval rating dropped by one percentage point, while his disapproval rating rose by one point.

The survey of 1,639 adults revealed 71% trust only some or nothing of what they're hearing from the White House, marking nearly the same level of trust, 68%, they felt in late 2017 as President Donald Trump wrapped up his first year in office. Meanwhile, his disapproval rating is now tied for its highest level since our poll taken in late January and early February. Trump's approval rating dropped below 40 percent in three new polls.

Trump has often touted America's strong economy as one of his main accomplishments throughout his presidency. That's a whopping 9-point slide since July.

The poll also showed that six out of 10 Americans polled said Trump doesn't deserve reelection and that most people do not think he's doing a good job keeping his campaign promises.

CNN political director David Chalian said that of all the numbers in a new CNN poll that one should send a "chill" down the spine of the re-election campaign for President Donal Trump. "Many of these polls are fixed", he tweeted. "Internal polling looks great, the best ever!" The President's approval rating also declined in our previous poll compared to the poll conducted before it. Earlier this week, Trump tweeted, "94% Approval Rating in the Republican Party, a record".

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