Sixth death possibly linked to vaping

After Kansas death potentially linked to vaping, industry warns not to be alarmed

Idaho officials confirm 2 cases of vaping-related illness

Vaping describes the process of inhaling aerosols generated by devices such as e-cigarettes.

When e-cigarettes first came to the USA in 2006, many smoking cessation experts were optimistic.

Some cases reported using only products that contained nicotine.

But health officials maintain there are health risks associated with e-cigarettes by themselves, and that they contain harmful agents.

But e-cigarettes have now been around for years, so why is this outbreak only happening now? Why would the scientific community be so quick to assume e-cigarettes would not have hidden dangers that might take years to manifest too? The proposed amendments would enable product safety requirements to be set for vaping and smokeless tobacco products.

Idaho public health officials are concerned about the health risks of vaping products. According to the DOH, e-cigarette use was higher among older students, with 9% in seventh grade and 8.4% in eighth grade.

Numerous reported illnesses involved vaping devices - including cannabis products - that contain vitamin E acetate, an oil derived from vitamin E that can be unsafe if inhaled. They can't stop doing testing on cigarettes.

Numerous patients are teenagers. "Safer" does not equal "safe," and the messaging of "safer" was based on comparisons to cigarettes. Lee Norman told the network that she had developed full-blown acute respiratory distress syndrome. "Whereas with black market products, who knows what got put into those cartridges", he said.

"Consumers who use vaping products and e-cigarettes are urged to avoid buying products from the street and to refrain from modifying or adding any substances to products purchased in stores", she said.

The CDC warns electronic cigarettes should never be used by children, young adults, or women who are pregnant. The same may not be true for diseases from e-cigarettes. "You wouldn't say that the heroin epidemic is caused by syringes, anymore than you can say that the vaping epidemic is caused by any particular vaping product", David Eisenhour, CEO of Delmar Vaping Lounge said.

Vaping more closely resembles the activity smokers are trying to quit, the RCP said, which can make it more effective than nicotine patches or gum. "Initial published reports from the investigation point to clinical similarities among cases", the CDC said. The states that are anti-vaping are the states getting the most money from the cigarette tax.

"Vaping is different to smoking, which burns tobacco leaf creating smoke". Nobody would consider it reasonable to compare health effects caused by smoking cigarettes to those induced by smoking crack. "The recent deaths across our country, combined with hundreds of reported lung injury cases continue to intensify", said Norman. Additives contained in THC liquids have emerged as a potential cause. Kansas does not have detailed information on what types of products that were used by the deceased.

A Kansas resident was the sixth person to die in the United States of a mysterious respiratory illness related to vaping, state officials said on Tuesday, as public health officials scrambled to understand a nationwide health problem. Five deaths have been reported from other states. Meaney-Delman said some of the samples are nicotine products and some are THC products from a variety of places. The FDA said it does not have enough information to conclude that this substance is the culprit, but also advised against vaping for now.

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