Scottish court rules UK PM Johnson's decision to suspend parliament is unlawful

An appeal to the Supreme Court is set for Tuesday

An appeal to the Supreme Court is set for Tuesday

On Wendesday morning, the court ruled that the Prime Minister's suspension of Parliament was unlawful.

Spokesman James Slack says Parliament will be prorogued, or suspended, at the close of the day's business.

Judges at Scotland's highest court in Edinburgh said Britain's Supreme Court must make the final decision.

There was no immediate comment from Johnson's office.

The decision will now go to the Supreme Court, which will hear the case on Tuesday.

Jo Maugham, a lawyer involved in the Scottish case, said an appeal to the Supreme Court in their challenge would begin on Tuesday.

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She called for parliament to be recalled immediately.

"I am pleased that Scotland's highest court agrees". It will be seen as a major win for Remainers plotting to derail the Prime Minister's Brexit Strategy.

'We will convene again in the Supreme Court next week'.

Shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer said the court ruling was "huge", and vindicated Labour's efforts to stop Parliament being shut down.

"It was obvious to everyone that shutting down Parliament at this crucial time was the wrong thing to do".

Mr Johnson's advice to Queen Elizabeth that parliament be prorogued until 14 October "was unlawful because it had the goal of stymying parliament", a summary of the judgment said.

But a panel of three judges has now overturned that decision - meaning the Prime Minister may be forced to reconvene Parliament.

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