PM Johnson vows to get Brexit deal after losing election vote again

Boris Johnson rejects Nigel Farage's offer of non-aggression pact at next general election

UK PM Johnson rules out Farage deal despite warning of electoral "kicking"

Under the Act forced through by MPs including Tory rebels, the PM must ask for an extension to Brexit until the end of January if there is no new deal by October 19.

If Boris's Conservatives fight the election on a message that they want a clean-break-Brexit, then what we will do is be prepared to stand aside and even support their candidates in seats where they've got the best chance of winning if they'll do the same for us in seats where we've got the best chance of winning.

"We are ready for that election, we are ready to unleash the biggest people-powered campaign we've ever seen in this country and in this movement", he stated.

First priority is to stop a no-deal Brexit before heading to an election.

Opposition lawmakers have branded the move a coup by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and have vowed to take him to court if he refuses to request a Brexit extension from the European Union. But we won't enable Johnson to dictate the phrases'.

Mr Mann, who is set to take up a full-time post as the Government's anti-Semitism tsar, said: "Every Labour MP, every Labour activist in the North and the Midlands, knocking on doors listening to the voters, is hearing what is going on".

Johnson's Conservative Party argues that Labour wants to ignore the outcome of the 2016 referendum and the public's view that Brexit should be delivered.

Mr Corbyn said a Labour government would offer a referendum between Remain and a "credible option to leave" but did not commit to personally campaign for either.

In a speech to the TUC conference, he will tell delegates: "Prime Minister Johnson now thinks that by shutting down Parliament he will shut us up".

But we do not have the luxury of acclaiming or lamenting the Labour leadership's decisions from the sidelines.

He said: "In my constituency, in the most Labour wards, it was the most Brexit". He often misses shadow cabinet these days.

They want to campaign for remain.

There was disquiet among some around Corbyn that the chaotic events of the past week in parliament risked allowing Johnson to present the Labour leader as part of a Westminster cabal, trying to block Brexit. "Once we get out of here, there isn't any way to establishment-up Jeremy", one Labour source said.

Likewise, he noted that the Conservative Party would use a hard Brexit as an excuse to sell-off public services, do away with regulations that protect the United Kingdom population and strip workers of their rights.

Labour's unhelpful insistence on rerunning the referendum may be an obsolete policy by election time.

McDonnell suggested on Sunday the party would not seek to open lengthy negotiations with Brussels, but would be hoping to rubber-stamp something like Theresa May's deal, with the addition of the compromises Labour had secured during the cross-party talks earlier this year.

Tom Watson has sparked fury by calling for a second European Union referendum before a general election.

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