Man's work trip sex death ruled workplace accident

Man who died while having sex on a business trip was the victim of a work accident, court rules

Married man's death during sex on business trip ruled a 'workplace accident'

During a business trip, an employer is liable for any employee accidents - or an employee's death - in just about any circumstance, a French court has ruled, including the consequences of an amorous encounter. Parisian railroad construction company TSO argued that the man, identified only as Xavier X, was not performing business-related duties when he suffered a heart attack while engaging in an "adulterous sex act".

The pair retired to a hotel room and Xavier was found dead shortly after the pair had sex.

French judges brushed aside these arguments and claimed that an employee travelling for work remains the employer's responsibility, regardless over what the employee does on and off work hours.

That means the February 2013 death of Xavier X, whose surname was not released, is officially an "accident du travail", which entitles the victim's family to benefits from both the state and employer.

TSO, the rail company the man was working for, argued that they were not responsible for his death because his heart attack was not connected to the work he was being paid to do.

Any partners and children will receive a monthly benefit of up to 80 percent of his salary until what would have been his retirement age and then a share of his pension.

TSO fought the decision through the courts but lost every appeal it made. The company failed to sway the court with its argument that the worker's death "occurred when he had knowingly interrupted his mission for a reason exclusively dictated by his personal interest, independent of his job".

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