Google Chrome makes it easier to send web pages between devices

How To Share Chrome Browser Tabs Across Devices

Google Chrome finally lets you send tabs to other devices (nine months after Firefox)

It brings along a number of visual changes, along with a refreshed Downloads page design as well. This will enable you to send the current page to any device you're now signed into using your Google account. It has been available as a flag for months now, but the new "send this page" is finally rolling out to every user via the stable Chrome 77 browser update.

The web page sending feature is already live for Windows, Android, and Linux users, with support for Mac coming soon. Let's break down those updates for you.

The receiving device will display an alert that includes the name of the sharing device, the name of the page, and the URL.

In the share menu, tap "Send to your devices".

Chrome 77 for Android also changes the design of the downloads screen. This feature protects against cross-site data attacks.

Almost 70 percent of the world's PCs run Google Chrome, despite coming with a different native browser - Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer on Windows and Safari on macOS. Since its launch, it has risen from last to first place, ...

More settings for Google Chrome are available after completing the first-run experience in Menu Settings. You will see a Chrome notification upon sending a link.

Under the hood, there's also a new Contact Picker API which web designers can use to make it easy to access your contacts for, say booking tickets on behalf of someone else. If your Chrome is set on auto-update, the same will be installed automatically.

If you are logging into Chrome 77 for the first time, you will go through a slightly longer induction process.

The first thing that you can do is add bookmarks to your favorite Google apps. By default, Google Chrome offers shortcuts to Gmail, YouTube, Maps, News, and Translate. That paves the way for the assistant to arrive on more devices with a quick server-side update, though there's no news on that as yet.

Did you get the update? The new loading animation now revolves around the favicon (the website icon you see in the address bar).

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