Firefox gets a built-in VPN

Mozilla launches Firefox VPN extension for US users

Mozilla Launches 'Firefox Private Network' VPN Service as a Browser Extension

Starting today, Firefox users in the USA can sign up to test Mozilla's upcoming VPN (virtual private network) service, named the Firefox Private Network. The company now made a decision to bring the program back but with some changes.

Firefox Private Network is the Test Pilot program's first new project. Firefox Private Network is a VPN that offers a secure, encrypted way to protect your connection and your personal information when browsing the web.

Firefox Private Network is available in the United States on the Firefox desktop browser. It will encrypt all your web traffic through a collection of remote proxy servers, thereby anonymizing your true location and protecting your data from prying eyes. "Their strong privacy controls limit what data they collect and how long they keep it", Mozilla said.

Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are hidden so it's harder to track you - Your IP address is like a home address for your computer.

The parent company behind Firefox is launching a new VPN in a bid to boost online privacy for its users.

Although the Firefox Private Network service is now free, Mozilla hinted that the company is exploring possible pricing options for the service in the future to keep it self-sustainable.

The service is compatible with the latest version of the Firefox desktop browser on multiple platforms, and can be removed at any time once installed, just like a standard Firefox extension.

What's your take on Firefox Private Network?

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