'Desperate Housewives' creator confirms one star had 'behavioral problems'

By Canadian Press	
	 		Huffman gets 14 days behind bars in college admissions scam				Sep 13 2019

By Canadian Press Huffman gets 14 days behind bars in college admissions scam Sep 13 2019

Felicity Huffman is ready to face her fate.

Huffman, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail fraud, said that her older daughter, Sophia, was diagnosed with learning disabilities at age 8.

The case is part of a federal investigation resulting in the indictment of 50 people, which also included Fuller House star Lori Loughlin, over an alleged nationwide bribery network aimed at gaming college admissions to favour wealthy participants. In Cherry's letter to the judge, obtained by ET, the TV writer and producer recalled one instance that showed Huffman's insecurities while on the ABC dramedy.

Prosecutors recommended that Felicity faced one month in prison in addition to a 12-month supervised release and $20,000 fine. Huffman's attorneys are asking Huffman instead be sentenced to a year of community service. She told me, 'That is the last time I ever anxious about comparing myself to my co-stars, " the man recalled.

On the heels of Eva Longoria's revelation that she was bullied by a "Desperate Housewives" co-worker, series creator Marc Cherry has also shed insight on the primetime sudser's off-camera drama.

Cherry isn't the only Desperate Housewives member to pen a letter of support.

"I was new to the business and industry as a whole".

And Felicity Huffman is "committed to making amends" after it was revealed she participated in the Operation Varsity Blues college admissions calamity which was revealed earlier this year.

"Felicity remained patient supportive and helped this old woman through the day, turning what could have been a very tense situation into a master class on human compassion", he wrote in the letter obtained by Us Weekly.

While the confirmation doesn't exactly reveal the person in question's identity, Cherry also highlighted other acts of kindness exhibited by Huffman on the Desperate Housewives set, including her helping an older co-star with her lines.

She is paying the price for her involvement in a scandal that shocked the nation. Longoria wrote that she "dreaded" working with the unnamed colleague, "until one day, Felicity told the bully "enough" and it all stopped". He especially recalled a time during a press tour where Huffman felt inadequate next to her co-stars. She was raised in a violent home and cared for mostly by her sisters. When she became a mother herself, she "threw herself into parenting", Macy wrote, but she was often insecure about the decisions she made regarding her children. "He made Felicity laugh and see the ridiculousness of her insecurity". "She's struggled to find the balance between what the experts say and her common sense".

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