Apple unveils iPhone 11, touts improved camera, better battery life

How to Decide Between Apple's New iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple unveils iPhone 11, touts improved camera, better battery life

The main point to make is that the two iPhone 11 Pros come in different size, with the 11 pro sporting a 5.8-inch display and the 11 Pro Max sporting a 6.5-inch display.

Picking between Apple's new iPhone 11 models will in part depend on what you intend to do with a smartphone targeting professionals like artists, cinematographers, and other creatively-minded individuals.

Jumping back to the cameras, Apple has equipped the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max with a wide angle f/1.8 lens, a telephoto f/2.4 lens, and an ultrawide f/2.0 lens with 120-degree field of view capabilities. There are a ton of new and interesting features across the three phones, most of which revolve around their fancy, big new cameras. The models replaced the similarly priced iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, respectively.

But a triple-camera feature is hardly ground breaking, because rivals Huawei and Samsung launched their triple-camera smart phones in 2018.

With iPhone sales declining year over year for the past two fiscal quarters, investors are focusing on the growth potential for services.

That's cheaper than Netflix's most-popular $US13-per-month plan.

Apple is entering the video streaming race, taking on Netflix, Amazon, Disney and others with a monthly subscription of $4.99.

Apple unveils iPhone 11, touts improved camera, better battery life
Apple unveils iPhone 11, touts improved camera, better battery life

Earlier in the week some observers had predicted Apple could get a significant bump in sales this year from its slate of new iPhones, given that numerous company's roughly 900 million existing iPhone users are primed for an upgrade, with phones that are, on average, five years old. Some industry insiders, however, have questioned Apple's content strategy.

Apple opened by discussing Apple TV+, its original streaming video subscription service, and Apple Arcade, its game subscription service. Apple has signed up high-profile directors, actors and celebrities to help it launch its service.

The price for the video service is almost half of what many analysts had predicted and well below competing offerings from Netflix and Amazon Prime. "Clearly, that was a positive that people were happy to hear". The tech giant also gave details about its streaming service TV+ and unveiled new models of the Apple Watch. Rather, recent competition among platform holders is driving better deals for developers, and there's simply no reason to risk everything on Apple Arcade. Starting that day, anyone who can access the Apple TV app on their devices can begin subscribing for $4.99/month.

Apple iPhone 11 specs: The iPhone 11 comes in a glass and aluminium design with a 6.1-inch LCD IPS HD display.

The newest iPhone is finally here and it's more colorful than ever. The iPhone 11, for example, claims an extra hour of battery life compared to the iPhone XR, while the larger 11 Pro Max claims an extra five hours when pitted against the iPhone XS Max.

"They know once consumers get into their ecosystem, they don't leave".

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