Amazon Plans Chicago Job Fair to Hire Thousands | Mick Lee

Amazon Jobs: To hire 30,000 people, Amazon is holding job fairs across 6 cities on September 17

Amazon says it has 30,000 job openings in the US

The job fairs will be held in the following locations: Boston, Virginia, Dallas, Chicago, Tennessee, and its hometown of Seattle on September 17.

Positions available at the job fairs will range from software developers to warehouse workers, and all jobs will be permanent or part-time positions that include benefits.

Amazon is taking things a notch higher in the competition by conducting a nationwide job fair in hopes of hiring over 30,000 workers as part of the company's aggressive expansion. And the hiring spree is not related to the usual increase in hiring it does to prepare for the busy holiday shopping season.

Amazon already has more than 650,000 employees worldwide, making it the second-biggest US -based private employer behind Walmart Inc. The job fairs will take place in cities where the retailer thinks it can find the strongest talent.

"Amazon has created more than 300,000 new jobs in the USA over the last decade - and we're proud to continue investing and creating opportunities for people across the country", Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos said in a statement. Bezos added that hired applicants will get to "invent and see Amazon making bolder bets" on behalf of its clients. The company is calling it "Amazon Career Day", and set up a website with more details: But he said it may be a good way for a company like Amazon, which needs to fill thousands of jobs in a tight job market, to quickly screen candidates with the right skills. With jobless rates reaching a 50-year low, applicants have more choices and companies must exert more effort to replace vacant posts.

Launched as an online bookshop more than 20 years ago, Amazon is now engaged in creating films, voice-powered devices, and plans to send satellites into orbit to provide internet service. Its rapid growth hasn't come without controversy, with labor groups and other activists calling out the e-commerce giant during Prime Day on issues including work conditions, climate change and its ties to USA government moves to deport immigrants. That number will likely rise: Amazon's second headquarters in Arlington is expected to employ 25,000 people in the next 12 years. There, job seekers will interact with recruiters to learn about opportunities within the company and how to apply for open roles.

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