GOOD BUDDIES: Packers' Rodgers having 'lot of fun working' with new coach

Bears RB David Montgomery: Season-opening loss 'will not define us this year'

Packers and Vikings will battle for first place in Week 2

Here are the matchups we're looking forward to the most to wash away the memory of that ugly Packers-Bears game. Instead, Chicago's offense couldn't gain a single yard and it walked off the field to a crowd intent on making them feel the disappointment.

The Jacksonville Jaguars and their suffocating defense will face a good test in Week 1 in what may be the top-ranked offense for a second season in a row. "I think we all have higher expectations and higher standards for our offense to operate".

Those were real words spoken by Aaron Rodgers in the year 2019. The debate all week was how Nagy would split up the running back time.

The people of Cleveland finally get what they've been desperately waiting for since 2002: a playoff game.

"There's definite room for improvement on that", LaFleur said. "But I think from my standpoint, I can do a better job getting us out of the huddle, and obviously, I missed a couple throws".

As I've written before, Mahomes came to the NFL with 32 games of major college football starting experience, Watson with 38 - including two national championship games - and Trubisky with just 13.

"I thought one of them was on me specifically, just trying to do too much with the pull", he said.

Rodgers also saw the same problem. The Packers needed fresh approaches to optimize what talent they had; we will now see if the solutions by management were correct. The drive eventually ended up in a 39-yard field goal from Mason Crosby, extending the lead to seven points. I arrived early at the game and was able to see a number of the events being held around the stadium, especially the NFL Experience at Grant Park. There will be a better pass rush, and the secondary looks stronger.

LaFleur has stressed from day one the importance of establishing the run. According to Rodgers, there were some positive signs in Week 1. First he went to Pettine, "because we put him in some tough spots", Rodgers said. "There's a lot of stuff we can get to in that, that's the exciting part, but it's predicated on moving the sticks". The first positive yardage play came on series three with Davante Adams catching a five yard pass, with 3:40 left in the opening period. Whether they have the impact that fans hope is still uncertain, but regardless of what happens, everyone can relax, have a beer, eat some cheese, and watch the Packers again for the first time in a long time.

Nagy overdid a good thing.

Both LaFleur and Rodgers took blame for the struggles.

LaFleur was touched by the gesture.

One way LaFleur can bring creativity to the Green Bay Packers offense is with his play-action package. Patterson was running too many routes, and the short-yardage play is not a good use of his skill set. "That ball was in his area; he was going to make a play". One game does not define a season. Oh yeah, he is also a former Bear who is ready to play his former team. I think it would be wrong to take this human element out of the game. "We've got to continue to grind and work together to figure this thing out". Mitch Trubisky, who got a lot of MVP bets placed on him this offseason, was so bad you honestly wonder if they might need to start over at the QB position. I'm not buying this "bounce back" season everyone is predicting for the Jaguars. "I'm excited about these guys".

There's a chance for showers on Sunday in CenturyLink Field, and that's always a potential concern with turnovers serving as a largely unpredictable field-leveler. It's not how much you win by in a survivor pool.

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