Tesla owners left 'stranded' when the app stopped working

Tesla owners reportedly got locked out of their cars because the app was down

Tesla owners are complaining that they were locked out of their cars and left 'stranded' after the app stopped working

The Next Web reported that a number of people tweeted out their frustrations on Tuesday when they were "locked out" of their vehicle due to phone app issues. The problem is, app connectivity shouldn't have any effect on unlocking a Tesla.

Some drivers tweeted screenshots of the app, which showed a warning message that said: "Temporary Maintenance".

While Tesla's app helps you unlock the auto, you can still use a key card, an option key fob, or the app without needing to connect to the internet. Even with the Tesla app down, the user's smartphone itself is created to act as a key as long as it's in Bluetooth range of the vehicle.

The app can be used to activate the phone key feature, which allows people to unlock their cars using their devices. But if you don't have the key card, and you're logged out of the app, you have no option but to wait.

Tesla said the app was "briefly unavailable" and was restored soon after.

Another wrote: '@Tesla - Of all days to do maintenance on the app, you pick Labor Day evening!?'

There are a couple reasons why some users were locked out while others weren't. Some Tesla drivers were logged out of their apps around the time of the outage, and couldn't log back in due to the app server outage. Others, who drive a Model S or X as opposed to a Model 3, don't have phone-as-key functionality.

One of Tesla's selling features is that you can use the app to unlock your auto and you don't need to travel with the key.

Some Tesla users who rely on the app to gain entry to their Model 3 were temporarily unable to get into their electric cars on Tuesday.

The company clarified that Tesla owners were still able to access their Model 3 with their physical key fob or key cards, which the company encourages owners to carry in the event that they lose their phone or it dies.

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