Johnson and Tusk trade barbs over Brexit at G7

EU ready for 'serious talks' with Johnson on Brexit

Boris Johnson won’t like going down in history as ‘Mr. No-Deal,’ EU’s Tusk scoffs

The European Council President added: "One thing I will not cooperate on is no deal, and I still hope that Prime Minister Johnson will not like to go down in history as "Mr No Deal". I still hope Prime Minister Johnson will not want to go down in history as "Mr No Deal".

"I'm very anxious about the way it's going, the growth of protectionism, of tariffs that we're seeing", Johnson said as he arrived at the G7 summit in the French resort of Biarritz, where he was to make his full global debut as Britain's premier.

The Cable enjoyed a relief rally and tested the 1.23 handle on Friday after the US dollar was thrown under the bus broadly by the US President Trump's Twitter barrage following China's unexpected retaliatory tariffs on the US imports.

Mr Johnson will also meet with US President Donald Trump, who arrived in France around Saturday lunchtime.

Mr Tusk has opened the door to reopening Brexit negotiations and said: "The EU was always open to cooperation; when David Cameron wanted to avoid Brexit; when Theresa May wanted to avoid a no deal Brexit".

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and EU Council president Donald Tusk each suggested that the other is bent on scuttling the chances that the United Kingdom will break away from the single market of 500 million with an agreement.

Leaders from around the world are meeting in Biarritz to discuss a variety of issues.

"Trade wars will lead to recession, while trade deals will boost the economy", EU President Donald Tusk as G7 leaders descended on Biarritz for a three-day summit.

So as he jetted to France, he offered a riposte to Tusk.

He told journalists: "I have made it absolutely clear I don't want a no-deal Brexit".

"I must urge people - we are going to be working very hard on this but they shouldn't necessarily get their hopes up too soon".

No deal is troublesome because of the consequences. But he added he would not work with Britain on an exit from the European Union without a withdrawal agreement.

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